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Stifle Device

The OrthoPets stifle devices are effective for: cruciate ligament injuries, fracture management, to prevent injury of a dog leg, torn ACL or other ACL injury, ligament injuries, CCL tear, knee injury, CCL injury, hind leg support, as an alternative to surgery, and other rear leg injuries in dogs of the knee joint.

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Stifle Device

design features

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Force Coupling
Advanced biomechanical principles are used to stabilize stifle joint injuries such as the CCL, one of the most common injuries to pets.
Polycentric Hinges
Not all hinges are appropriate for pets. Our specially designed polycentric hinges are designed to replicate the complex motion of your dog’s knee (stifle) joint, providing articulation and limiting shear forces.
Adjustable Mechanical Strapping
Adjustable mechanical strapping gives you improved control and support with less demand on your grip strength making adjusting to muscle mass changes effortless


  • Innovative cruciate/knee brace design providing increased support and comfort to your dog’s leg
  • Advanced biomechanics creating “force coupling” to stabilize your dog’s ACL injury or tear
  • Researched and tested (ACORN Stifle Study, CSU Stifle Study)
  • Tibial control strap restricts cranial tibial thrust
  • Adjustable strapping accommodates muscle mass return
  • Polycentric mechanical hinges replicate the complex motion of your dog’s knee (stifle) joint

Innovative Biomechanics of Our Dog Knee Braces

When the canine stifle joint presents with a partial or complete rupture of the CCL (canine ACL tear), the tibia is unrestrained and cranial tibial thrust results. This cranial (forward) thrust of the tibia creates instability of the stifle/knee joint, which can lead to your dog limping. The stifle orthosis (dog knee brace) creates a biomechanical support that stabilizes the rear leg by mechanically coupling the femur and tibia together through the hinges placed across the stifle joint. The hinges that couple the femur with the tibia accomplish this by joining the upper femoral shell with the Tibial shell while allowing your pet to enjoy supported motion to sit, stand, walk, and play.

Dog Knee Brace - ACL

Dog Knee Brace State-of-the-Art Fabrication

Your dog’s ACL knee brace is manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing center through a digitalizing process of the fiberglass impression. The impression is turned into a 3D model that is digitally sculpted to create your dog’s ACL brace shape. The carved model is vacuum formed with advanced plastics to create the custom made canine cruciate brace. Once the soft medical grade foam liner, adjustable and replaceable straps and pads are added, the device is ready for delivery. The standard fabrication time to build an orthosis is 5-7 business days.

Unmatched support and comfort

The aerospace-grade shell is engineered to support your pet’s active lifestyle at a remarkably light weight.

The premium foam liner provides soft cushioning, and it’s replaceable for additional longevity.