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Elbow Brace for Dogs

The most common reasons for considering an elbow orthosis include dynamic luxation (dislocation) and osteoarthritis.

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Elbow Device

design features

Innovative Suspension
Maintaining device suspension to your pet's limb without straps or harnesses through innovative methods
Arthokinematics Joint Control
Using advanced biomechanical sciences, our devices are designed to control the alignment and magnitudes of force acting through your pet's joints

When your pet is limping due to discomfort caused by an elbow injury or instability, we understand the impact this has not only to the quality of life of your pet, but also to your family. Our sole focus is on the design and support of our custom animal orthotics and prosthetics to restore your pet’s mobility.

Common Injuries

  • Arthritis
  • Medial Compartment Unloading
  • Varus/Valgus Instability
  • Triceps Tendon Avulsion
  • Hygroma

Clinical signs of elbow injury depend on severity but may include lameness, swelling, and mal-alignment. Elbow luxation is usually managed with sedation and reduction +/- surgery. Chronic cases aresometimes managed with an orthosis. Elbow osteoarthritis is common and one of the most challenging joints tomanage. There is no single effective therapy. Management must be by an integrative approach and include:weight management, medical management, supplements, rehabilitation, surgery, partial joint replacement, andsometimes orthosis.

A custom orthosis can play a role in therapy and has the following purposes:

  • Restrict rotation at the elbow. The elbow is composed of 3 bones (humerus, radius and ulna). The radius and ulna compose the forearm and this allows some rotation around the humerus. This type of motion can induce pain in the arthritic joint.
  • Restrict frontal plane movement (varus and valgus). These are sideways movements. These movements are very subtle in the canine elbow and as such not as important as rotational movement can be in causing pain.
  • Limit joint motion (flexion and extension) to the most comfortable range. The device can be designed to allow movement within controlled parameters because end range flexion and end range flexion can be painful.

Custom elbow orthoses cannot take away all pain associated with elbow pathology. Animals must bear weight through the affected joint. However, by limiting the above the device is helpful when your dog is active. In this way the device is a support device.

Unmatched support and comfort

The aerospace-grade shell is engineered to support your pet’s active lifestyle at a remarkably light weight.

The premium foam liner provides soft cushioning, and it’s replaceable for additional longevity.