How to film your pet

Camera Positioning Is Critical

To capture the required pictures and videos of your pet, it is critical to:

  • Hold your camera at the same elevation as your pet’s affected anatomical joint
  • Hold your camera stationary while your pet walks through your field of view
  • Watch our instructional video below to see examples:

3-2-1: Media Process

Using our simple 3-2-1 media process, you can quickly and effortlessly provide OrthoPets with the required
media we need to assess your pet’s conformation, angulation, and gait pattern.

3 Still Photos of your pet’s affected limb while your pet is standing:

  • Front (cranial) surface of limb
  • Outside (lateral) surface of limb
  • Back (caudal) surface of limb

2 Walking Videos of your pet:

  • Side-to-side:  Your pet walks from left to right and right to left in front
    of the camera
  • Front-to-back: Your pet walks towards the camera and away from the

1 Simple Way to send media:
Use the form below:

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